The legend of a singer

Sometimes, when you turn on the radio, it's there again, that voice, dark, smoky, unmistakable: my best friend is lost to me, the one who connected me to childhood. Wistfulness, longing, melancholy - feelings coming from the deepest soul.


Mein Freund, der Baum (My friend, the tree), is dead - it fell in the early morning light... On July 31, 1969, Germany's great chanson hope Alexandra died under mysterious circumstances in a car accident. She was just 27 and only three years successful in show business. The really big career was still ahead of her. And yet she soon had to realize the price of fame: Denial of her personality, destruction of her private life, mental breakdown.


The film and the first biography take a critical look behind the scenes of show business. Archival footage and interviews with her son and relatives, producers and fellow artists create a portrait of an unusual woman and artist whose voice became a legend.

Alexandra: First broadcast date: 19/12/1999 im NDR television (12,9% viewer rating)

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"Worth seeing and recommending."

(The East Prussian Gazette)

"Psychogram and critical dossier of hits. Tightly mounted. Captivating!"  (Hamburger Abendblatt)

"Superbly researched. A TV portrait can hardly be more entertaining, exciting and informative."    (Schleswiger Nachrichten)

"Worth seeing! Boettcher got people talking in such a way that they may not have even noticed how much they revealed themselves as career-minded and money-addicted managers of the shallow muse." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

" exciting as it is insightful.""

(Kieler Nachrichten)

"A rewarding late-night program for Schlager lovers and nostalgics."

(Frankfurter Rundschau)

" of the most exciting contributions about one of the most important chanteuses of the German post-war period." (Die Tageszeitung, TAZ)

"A direct hit!"  (TV-Spielfilm)

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