Book reviews


"This enigmatic book reveals and honors the life of a woman with iron-clad ambitions to become a world star."

"(...) a short but moving life story."

"(...) a document of admiration."

"The fact that Boettcher does not stiffen on far-fetched theses, but skilfully juxtaposes facts and speculation, makes this so far only biography of the successful singer an interesting read. With a sensitive hand, the author draws on Alexandra's youth and her meteoric rise to the world of show business for his book, thereby also documenting a piece of unforgotten pop history."


"Thanks to the biography, Alexandra moves out of the shadows. What's remarkable about this book is how it links the biographical text with authentic quotes, original song lyrics, and photographs."

"Alexandra was somehow divine. Her melancholy songs, her stellar career and mysterious death provide enough material for a German legend."

"Such a voice with such a strong charisma has no longer existed in the German Schlager. In this biography not only beautiful memories come back. Alexandra's life and death were quite different from what good friends want to admit. (...) It is in the hands of the public prosecutor's office in Schleswig to reopen the Alexandra case."

"Almost 30 years after her death, an image emerges that no one knew. Her person was full of contradictions and obstinacy, but somehow gifted. (...) She survived as a legend, because her voice suggests that longing is stronger than death."

Reviews of the film


"Marc Boettcher, Berlin filmmaker, has written a wonderful book about Alexandra. His film is even better. Boettcher has produced one of the most exciting features about one of the most important chanteuses of post-war Germany."

"Superbly researched. A TV portrait could hardly be more entertaining, exciting and informative. Repeat the film in prime time!"

"Boettcher has extensively collected material and made people talk in such a way that they may not have realized how much they revealed themselves to be career-minded and money-addicted managers of the shallow muse. Worth seeing!"

"Very neat and mannerly made film biography, which comes up with rare and partly curious archive footage. A worthwhile late-night program for Schlager fans and nostalgics."

"Marc Boettcher's first "long" documentary: a direct hit! Excitingly, the journalist sketches the life of the chanson hope of the 60-ies, Alexandra. As his team uncovers new aspects surrounding her mysterious death, they are anonymously threatened."

"Psychogram and critical dossier of hits. Tightly mounted. Captivating!"