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"Wonderful book" (TAZ)

"Documented with a sensitive hand. (...) A piece of unforgotten hit history."(Lübecker Nachrichten) 

"...a document of admiration." (Der Spiegel)

"...a short but moving life story."  (BZ)

""Alexandra was somehow divine. Her melancholy songs, her stellar career and mysterious death provide enough material for a German legend." (ARD-Kulturreport)

"matter-of-fact and unpretentious, and yet it gives an idea of how hard life can be when you're caught in the mills of show business."  (Dithmarsche Landeszeitung)

"" image that no one knew. Her person was full of contradictions and obstinacy, but somehow gifted. (...) She survived as a legend, because her voice suggests that longing is stronger than death." (NDR „Nordzeit)

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New edition

Revised limited reissue of the out-of-print eponymous

Knaur paperback as a hardcover with partly unpublished photos, detailed discography as well as a CD with Alexandra most beautiful songs and a 12 min. Interview with her.

An additional chapter provides information on the latest findings regarding her mysterious accidental death. (Parthas Verlag Berlin)

Alexandra - Die Legende einer Sängerin -
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(Marc Boettcher in "Menschen der Woche" with Frank Elstner)