Belina – Music For Peace

"It gets under your skin. - Unprecedented!"

(MDR Kultur, Heidi Eichenberg)

"Album of the week!" - A voice that deserves a hearing not only musically."

(WDR 3, Jörg Heyd)

"This album is an emotional journey and occasion for long reflections, not only musical. (Jazz Fun)

"The album gives a convincing impression of the singer's great warm voice, of the scope of her wide-ranging repertoire, of the authenticity with which she delivered her musical message."

(Neue Musikzeitung NMZ, Dietrich Schlegel)

"This is timeless music that touches emotionally, has great moments, and makes you aware that music is a great healer."

(Just For Swing, Detlef A. Ott)

"The official rediscovery of the ambitious world music interpreter Belina, who then as now should once again find a large fan base with her authentic and expressive songs."

(Fono Forum)

The soundtrack to the movie "BELINA - MUSIC FOR PEACE"!

In stores! - 22 of the most beautiful songs, lavishly remastered, including three first releases, give a foretaste of this year's upcoming premiere of the film portrait on the 15th anniversary of the death of the Polish-Jewish world music interpreter BELINA on December 12, 2021.

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Belina - Kwari Kwari BananaBelina
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Fenesta ca luciveBelina
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