Bert Kaempfert


"Boettcher's book is a must for music lovers!" (Westfälischer Anzeiger)

"In this intensively researched book, which is well worth reading, Marc Boettcher has presented a remarkable study, not without considerable resistance from those involved in the Bert Kaempfert story. To be recommended to all music lovers!"

(Swinging Hamburg Journal)

"All around successful. (...) This is the long overdue, informative-entertaining reappraisal of a piece of world-class German music history without heavy-handed voyeurism." (Good Times)

"A chapter on German-American light music history marked by many animosities." (Jazz-Zeitung)

"Written in a loosely chatty reporter's tone, Boettcher fans out a host of facts, anecdotes and quotes that profile Bert Kaempfert the man and his social background from a variety of angles. Stranger In The Night offers an entertaining and detailed picture not only of Kaempfert, but also of pop history over the past 50 years." (Der Spiegel)

"Boettcher knows how to walk the difficult tightrope between illustrated keyhole perspective and the detailed account expected in the context of a biography without damage and thus works in the sense of the portrayed, who has always avoided spreading his private life on the questionable level of the illustrated. A biography with depth!" (m-Hit-service)