I want it all -
the Gitte Haenning Story

Gitte Haenning (born 1946 in Artus) became a teenage idol of the 1950s at a very early age, much like little Conny Froboess in her native Denmark. With the song Ich will `nen Cowboy als Mann (I want a cowboy for a man) she won the Deutschen Schlagerfestspiele in 1963.

Shortly thereafter, together with Rex Gildo, she formed the dream couple of German pop. But Gitte soon felt pigeonholed and sought her own paths. She made films, devoted herself to jazz and continued to land successes with titles such as Ich hab die Liebe verspielt in Monte Carlo or So schön kann doch kein Mann sein. She competed for Germany at the Grand Prix d'Eurovison de la chanson an in 1973.

After a career low and a failed marriage to her manager, Gitte made a successful comeback in the late 1970s with songs such as Freu Dich bloß nicht zu früh, Ich will alles und Ich bin stark. She appeared in theater productions, including Shakespeare and Rock 'n' Roll and Sunset Boulevard, recorded records in French, English, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Spanish, German and Danish, and was showered with awards: including platinum tuning fork, Golden Lion, Golden Camera!

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"...an outstanding documentary." (Jazz Podium)

"Don't miss! - You don't have to be a fan to enjoy Boettcher's two-hour film. A dynamic trip through nearly half a century of German pop culture history." (TAZ) 

Worth seeing!" (Stern.de)

"...a simultaneously dynamic and multi-faceted picture of the singer, (...) and in general this entertaining film, which does not only uncritically praise its main character, but shows both her positive and negative sides, combines the private with the professional." (Berlinske Tidende)

"Goosebumps! - A touching film about the more than 50-year career of the changeable artist. At the end there were tears in Gitte's eyes: magnificently done."

(Lübecker Nachrichten)

"...The characterful, beautiful and outrageously talented woman from Århus, Denmark, has allowed the sensitive director a glimpse of the dangerous roller coaster of an eventful, turbulent career and her dramatic life with all its ups and downs - and Marc Boettcher has drawn a sympathetically honest picture of Gitte Hænning."

(OMM - Online Musik Magazin)

"Marc Boettcher is a film producer with a passion. On Monday, TV viewers can see for themselves that this man knows his craft."  (Hamburger Abendblatt)

I was already very impressed by your film about Alexandra, but this documentary about Gitte is certainly your masterpiece so far." (Dr. Michael Kunze, musical author)

"...beautiful psychogram of the singer, whose difficulty to be authentic became well visible in the film." (Richard David Precht, Philosoph & Adolf-Grimme-Award Juror)

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Gitte Haenning: First broadcast date: 12/18/2006 on NDR television

Awards and nominations

- Nominated for the Adolf Grimme Award 2007 

- Nominated for the NRW Culture Award 2007

- Nominated for the Schleswig-Holstein Film Award 2006


- Rated valuable by the Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden (FBW): "Certainly there are contemporaries to whom Gitte has nothing to say. But those who are interested in the lively Danish multi-talent are offered the ultimate bio-documentary here. In addition, the film reveals the pattern that Gitte cannot break out of, both as an artist and in her private life, because the early conflict between her and her father is repeated again and again in the most varied forms. And the story is told of how brutally artists like her are treated in the German entertainment industry. A journey through show history, music and time, television and fashion."