Marc Boettcher

Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Writer, Dramaturg, Actor

Born in Berlin, Marc Boettcher studied acting, theater studies and German language and literature. He made his first films as a schoolboy. (Audience award for "The Deadly Telephone" at the Student Film Festival Hanover 1982).

Since 1988 he has worked as a dramaturge, actor and director.

Engagements in Stuttgart, Lübeck and Berlin. 


During his career he worked as a freelance TV editor and has been a successful dubbing writer/director since 1990 (including "Eisenstein in Guanajuato", "Call me by your name", and series such as "A Heavenly Family", "The Name of the Rose" and "We are who we are").


This was followed by numerous publications, essays, a book on Henrik Ibsen and, in 1998, a first biography on the pop icon "Alexandra" published by Knaur Verlag, Munich.


- 1992 Foundation of the theater "Kunstgriff e. V.".

- 1999 Foundation of the production company "MB-Film". Production of the 90min. TV-portrait and ratings hit "Alexandra - The Legend of a Singer

- 2002 Book-Biography "Stranger In The Night - The Bert Kaempfert Story", Groenevold-Verlag, Hamburg

- 2003 TV production of the 120-minute TV documentary "Strangers In The Night - The Bert Kaempfert Story".

- 2004 second book "Alexandra - The legend of a singer", Parthas Verlag, Berlin

- 2006 TV production of the 120-minute TV documentary "Ich will alles - Die Gitte Henning Story", several awards, including Adolf Grimme Award nomination

- 2011 NDR television production "Rosenstolz - Wir sind Wir!" for the 20th stage anniversary of the band "Rosenstolz".

- 2012 Cinema production of the 120-minute TV documentary "SING! INGE, SING! - the broken dream of Inge Brandenburg" ("Prädikat Wertvoll", "Documentary of the Month" of the FBW Wiesbaden, soundtrack and the DVD received the "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik").

- 2012 TV co-production with ARTE "The German Lady Jazz - Inge Brandenburg" - nominated for the Adolf Grimme Award 2013

- 2016, March: Talk guest in "ARD @lpha" - 45 minutes about life and career

- 2017 Book publication "SING! INGE, SING! - the broken dream of Inge Brandenburg", Parthas Verlag, Berlin

- 2018 Co-author of the book "Siegfried Behrend - Stations".

- 2019 Music production "I Love Jazz" - with songs of the jazz singer Inge Brandenburg, nomination "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik".

- 2021 90min. Film portrait "Belina - Music For Peace" ("Prädikat Wertvoll") and music production of the CD of the same name with UniSono-Records


Selection of some TV appearances by Marc Boettcher


45 min. Live-interview with Marc Boettcher

about film projects, anecdotes, professional perspectives, etc. to the singers Alexandra and Inge Brandenburg

(ARD Alpha, 04.04.2016) 


Interview & Contribution to Alexandra

from the series "ZDF History", Alexandra's mysterious death.

(ZDF, Junger Ruhm und früher Tod, 04.01.2015) 


Frank Elstner in a Live-Interview with Marc Boettcher

Boettchers biography of Alexandra's mysterious death

(SWR, 17.07.2004) 


Contribution to Belina in the series "Kowalsky & Schmidt"

Marc Boettcher gives first insights into the film about Belina during post-production at the editing suite.

(RBB, 10.02.2020) 


"Rosenstolz - Wir sind Wir! - die Erfolgsgeschichte eines Pop Duos"

A film by Marc Boettcher - 58 min

(ARD, 24.03.2012) 


"Die Kulturfritzen" 
Podcast über Leben und Filmographie von Marc Boettcher.