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PREDICATE VALUABLE for Marc Boettcher's new film: "Belina - Music For Peace"

On the 15th anniversary of Belina's death (12.12.21) as well as on the 70th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut and on the anniversary of 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany.

To the film trailer of "Belina"


"A richly detailed and superbly researched bow to a lifetime of musical achievement that must be saved from oblivion."

The Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden unanimously awarded the Golden Seal of Approval on 04.03.2021 with the jury statement: "Marc Boettcher's documentary about the world music interpreter inevitably casts a spell. (...) The film does not approach the person and her work from the know-it-all point of view of a classic television feature, but with a certain discretion that rejects the boulevardesque approach with its squint for sensation and revelation. At the same time, one learns not only something about the person, but also something about the traces her life has left behind and the influence her work has had on others. Boettcher's film awakens new interest in an exciting time and a great figure whose life's attitude and work seem exemplary."


Exklusiv-Interview Jazz Fun: Filmemacher Marc Boettcher im Gespräch mit Cosmo Scharmer, Teil 1 vom 18.03.2021)

Zum Beitrag von Jazz Fun

Live interview & contribution Deutschlandradio, Tonart: Image ambassador in the country of the perpetrators and European Joan Baez.

(Carsten Beyer, 26.02.2021)

To the contribution of Deutschlandradio

SR 2 KulturRadio: The portrait of a woman who is imbued with a deep longing for peace and can be a role model for us especially today.

(Alice Kremer, 22.02.2021)

To the contribution of SR2 TV contribution about the film production with first excerpts to "Belina - Music For Peace", 8 February, 17:25 o'clock, in the RBB series "Kowalski & Schmidt":

To the contribution of RBB

"Simply beautiful, deeply sad, and very moving."

(Sharon Adler, AVIVA - Magazin für Frauen, 24.02.2021) "The singer Belina, newly discovered - a stroke of luck."

(Mittelbayerische Zeitung, Michael Scheiner, 26.02.2021) "In the midst of a time marked by wars and racism - a worthy memorial!"

(Melodiva, 21.01.2021)

"It gets under your skin. - Unprecedented!" (MDR Kultur, Heidi Eichenberg, 15.03.2021)

"A voice that deserves to be heard not only musically." (WDR 3, Jörg Heyd, 12.03.2021) (for more reviews of the soundtrack and film see menu item BELINA) The soundtrack to the film "BELINA - MUSIC FOR PEACE"! Buy now on Amazon

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