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Siegfried Behrend

The book commemorates the "Father of Guitar Studies", the life and life's work of this exceptional figure of music in 20th century Germany. With contributions on Siegfried Behrend himself as well as on topics that particularly interested him, including his collaboration with the singers Pilar Lorengar and Belina, his commitment to the Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker and the Goethe-Institut, and a look into his private life.

Greatly expanded and updated new edition of the book Stations on the occasion of the 85th birthday of Siegfried Behrend in November 2018. With numerous illustrations, concert posters and programs, private photos and directories - stations not only in the figurative sense, but also in the real sense.

With contributions by Marc Boettcher, Rüdiger Grambow,

Matthias Henke, Martin Maria Krüger, Manuel Negwer,

Helmut Richter, Michael Tröster.

Paperback, 200 pages (richly illustrated, colored), German, publisher: BoD, 2nd extended edition, RRP 9,95 €

ISBN-13 : 978-3746056524